Sunday, June 10, 2012

Whoa. Did I forget I write a blog? Apparently.

I have been working on this dress for, like, over a month. Granted, part of that month I was in California, and the other part of that month I was searching for my will to live. So it wasn't that different from any other month, and I'm not sure what took me so long.

This was my first attempt at a scalloped hem, and at first I thought I completely screwed it up. Like... majorly. Then I read an online tutorial that basically told me to take my head out of my ass and wake up, and then it was all fixed.

Since my last tank top dress was a total disaster, I opted for a sweetheart neckline and straps. This was especially armpit-friendly for an outdoor wedding we attended last night on a lake just north of Nashville.

Before I get an army of emails asking when these dresses will be available:

Hopefully by mid-summer.

I am beginning a line of simple, multipurpose tote bags and have been focusing a bit on getting a ton of those made to have some extra inventory bulk for this shop. I'll be selling them for around $15, they are fully lined, and have a special signature detail that I'll reveal sometime this week via Instagram.

I am still working on these dresses, but they take much more time to produce. I've also been commissioned to make a Pretty in Pink inspired dress for an event coming up this Saturday, on top of working 52 hours a week. So, I've been a little busy. Bitch is like MAD professional and independent, as well as crafty.

I do want to thank you all so much for your encouragement and kindness in this (very very slow) process. It's inspiring while making these designs to know that so many of you are as supportive as you are. When I set out on my mission to make a quick dress, I truly had NO IDEA that this would turn into such a great opportunity for me. So thanks, Internet.

Yall are like a great bra, is what I'm saying.