I also need to put on the record somewhere in Internetland that Antonio straight up fought with some dude at a Mexican restaurant last night because we were talking too loudly about "buttholes." HERE'S THE THING... we weren't. And this Ed Hardly guy comes up to our table, calls Antonio a knucklehead, and says if we don't "shut the fuck up" he was going to drag him out to the parking lot and beat his ass.

Whatever happened to just complaining behind our backs to your server like everyone else?!?!

Anyway, after this physical threat of violence, we were like, sending our eyeballs into huge roll storms bceause #1, the "kids" he was with were like, 15 years old, and #2, how is threatening violence any better than joking about buttholes? (BY THE WAY, none of us can remember talking about buttholes).

When we got up to leave, Antonio wanted to say something to be like, yo, sure, but next time just ask nicely for us to keep it down. We're adults. We understand. It's fine. Don't threaten to beat our asses because you overheard a hilarious joke. Don't fight the laughter, Ed Hardly.

So this turned into a full on fight, and Monica threw her body in front of Antonio's so that Ed Hardly wouldn't hit him and yadda yadda yadda, we had the whole place up in arms and it was totally like the Civil War. We were the North, obviously. It was mad serious.

“Ed Hardly.”

I’m mean, but like… c’mon. That’s funny.