Monday, June 18, 2012

This weekend was spent celebrating our 3 year anniversary together.

Our official "date" kind of varies sometime between the end of May and August 1. We've built a vacation system where we rent a car Friday night after I get off work, drive 8 hours through the night to an affordable spot right outside of whatever town we're going to, sleep for a bit, have some breakfast, and then drive into town where we'll stay at the more expensive hotel on Saturday night.

Last time, Darien fronted all of the cash for everything, so this time I went in on the $225 beach-front hotel room on Tybee Island, GA.

We set out Friday right after I got off work. Except, I left my wallet at work. So we had to drive back there first. He was being such a dick about that.

Shortly after this picture was taken, I got real pissed about not having a Diet Coke (my road trip beverage of choice) and decided to eat all of our snacks and then complain about things. I also took a nap because Darien was being a huge dick. We get along great.

I don't remember where we stayed Friday night, but we rolled in around 3:30 AM and there was a Denny's attached. In the morning, I was so ready to get my Build Your Own Slam on (since Tennessee doesn't believe in basic things like Denny's). After stepping out of the shower to see a cockroach walking across my pajamas on the floor, I was like, yo, let's bounce. We waited AN HOUR FOR OUR FOOD. And look, I'm not a snob. I know it was Saturday morning. I know it was 10:00 AM. But look me in the eye and tell me it takes an hour to make two orders of eggs and a bowl of oatmeal.

Grumpy, sleep-deprived, cockroach-surviving, impatient, and exhausted, we drove into Savannah to spend the day doing some shopping. But we both needed coffee. So we stopped at Starbucks and I demanded a cake pop, because gosh darnit, I deserved it.

It was great, until I decided to have an iced coffee from McDonald's right afterwards. Then I wanted to be dead.

Savannah was great. I bought obnoxious striped shorts and got sunburned.

Around 3:00, we decided to head over to Tybee Island to check out our baller resort and go chill on the beach. The beach was sort of the whole point of the trip. So we hopped on the highway and sat in traffic for 40 minutes because there was a car pulled over on the shoulder for no reason.

Look, I want to reiterate again that I'm not a snob. I'm really not.

Corrie and I have stayed in some of the cheapest Super 8's in the country. Some real hood locations. Some real hood situations.

When booking this resort, I was guaranteed a sand dune / beach view, private balcony, and essentially, a clean room. The Hilton we stayed at in Destin cost as much as this room, and that was an actual resort and spa. So we're thinking we're in for some real treats.

This was our $225 per night ocean view and private balcony:

This was our $225 per night bed:

This was our $225 per night bathroom floor:

This was our $225 per night shower:

So like. Yeah.

I was kinda pissed. And so was Darien.


Long story long, we requested another room that ended up being just as dismal as this one, and after he met with the hotel manager and fought with someone from Orbitz, I cried and asked him if there was any way we could just leave. He talked to some people and I am hopefully being refunded for this nightmare.

By the time it was all said and done, we had wasted about 3 hours and decided to head back out to Savannah. He called the Westin to see if they could help us out at all, and they did. They apologized for not having any river front rooms available, but they upgraded us to the 15th floor on the golf course side of the resort.

This was our real $250 per night with a real private balcony view:

A little exhausted, we took the ferry across the river to the downtown area to have dinner at Chart House. I immediately took off my heels under the table, propped my feet up on the chair across from me, and ate the most delicious crab-stuffed-tilapia and garlic mashed potatoes and lava cake and champagne like a total snob.

And then we went back to our room and fell asleep like two big fat babies.

Our upgrade included a 4:00 PM check out, but I was hell bent on getting my South Carolina / Georgia state sign pictures, as well as hitting up H&M on our way back through Atlanta since, again, Nashville doesn't believe in basic essentials.

The drive home was long, because it always is, but we stopped at a fireworks place and I jumped for joy.

Now I'm back at work and prepping myself for all of the tote bags I have to make this week to get my shop open by July.

I'll be doing a closet sale this weekend, too. Please buy my things and help me get my head above water. Or else.