Today I begged the good people on Instagram to get tacos with me.

My friend Dani obliged, of course, because of course, this is what we do three times a week. Tacoritas, in which we eat tacos and drink margaritas.

We came back to my house so I could hem some curtains for her (because even people who love me only love me to get something free out of it, just kidding! Haha! But really.) I was looking at Instagram as she was telling a story. I interrupted her, straight up talked right over whatever words she was saying that I wasn’t listening to because I am an asshole and other people are inconsequential to my life, and said in a panic, “I have eye wrinkles and I still have some acne and yesterday when I furrowed my brow in the mirror I realized one of the wrinkles momentarily stayed when I released the hold and I’m 25 and I live in Tennessee now and I don’t know what I’m DOING ANYMORE.”

There was a beat of silence, and then an “Oh,” and then more silence and then, “you really just unloaded all of your problems in one go,” and then I apologized.