I can't believe I've already been here for two days. ...Wait, I guess it's only been like, one evening and one whole day. Okay, I feel better.

I went out for Mexican food with my fam immediately after getting to their house from the airport. I only had a drink and a half because we had plans to rage that night.

Here is how to have a lonely first night in town! All steps included!
    •    Say “no thanks!” to one invitation for celebration as you already have plans on top of plans!
    •    Plans get mungled! Karaoke plans still remain!
    •    Say “how ‘bout after food” to Persons A and B RE: karaoke!
 Say “Come along for karaoke!” to Person C upon receiving text!
    •    Tell Karaoke friend to pick you up at 7!
    •    Get ready before 7 so you can karaoke!
    •    Sit at home, texting Persons A,  and C, trying to get plans to coagulate between everyone! Do this for half an hour! Just texting and waiting and texting and waiting and waiting and waiting and wondering why no one calls each other anymore!
    •    Tell Person C that Persons A and B are eating first! Before going to a restaurant/bar! Ultimately get bored of texting at home RE: karaoke and suggest to Person C we all try to meet up at a later time, in a desperate attempt to move plans along so I can get out of the house!
    •    Decide I've been awake for so long that I no longer prefer to go out!
    •    Text Person A, who who was outside house as text was received and just left!
    •    Call Person E, who says they don’t feel like hanging out, but then the two of you will talk on the phone for 48 minutes!
    •    Open champagne! (??)
    •    Screw glasses! (??)
    •    Hope your friends don’t get angry for blogging about them and that they understand that you aren’t angry at THEM, but angry at YOURSELF for being friends with them! (Just kidding. I’m not angry at all. Champagne! Love you, guys!!!)

I got CAT FABRIC, in case you don't follow my Instajam.

Corrie is in town right now too, so I went to her parents' NEW HOUSE and swam in their new pool and listened to a lot of Ke$ha while eating cake pops.

We decided that since Saturday night was such a bust of an experience, we'd all super rage last night to make up for it since Ford has to leave this morning, and Corrie is leaving tomorrow.

So we did.

Big time.

I'm experiencing the biggest hangover of the year, for sure. And I love it.

I need to go out to buy more fabric for cat dresses and also a swim suit to match Corrie's because obviously.

I also bought two pairs of shoes for $30 total and a mustache ring that I gave to Corrie because I'm the nicest friend ever.