I ate a cheeseburger and two slices of pizza yesterday. How many burgers and pizzas have I had in the past 5 years? Like, two. One was yesterday. I didn’t even enjoy the pizza! It wasn’t that great! So I tried another piece! Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Vincenzo's! And they still sucked, but I ate them anyway! Damn it, Karin!

I also ate a cake pops and fudge yesterday. Like, I ate FUDGE. I ATE fudge. I didn’t have a nibble. Corrie's parents have an entire drawer in their kitchen full of chocolate and I ate two sugar-laden pieces of fudge over the course of 10 minutes. Have you ever made fudge? It’s made of nine cups of sugar, four chocolate bars, and 8 sticks of butter. There is no one in this world that would be like, “Yeah, no. Fudge is okay to eat. Go ahead. It’s fine. Sugar is great for you.”