You know what sucks when your mouth is still tender and sore from your oral surgery, and you have to talk with a lisp because the bottom retainer flipper you have to wear rubs a sensitive area inside your mouth, and you are browsing Pinterest for recipes of desserts that you can't eat because of this oral surgery, and won't be able to eat for months because you won't have your permanent tooth until July or later, and you're just super hungry all the time for anything, and last night you went shopping for road trip food and realized you can't have ANY of your standard road trip food (READ: FOUNTAIN DIET COKE AND BEEF JERKY) and then you took a Triazalam to get a good night's rest but you have a Triazalam hangover and can't seem to wake up or manage to do anything but push these buttons on your laptop that form semi-coherent sentences, while taking care of a toddler and wishing you could just fall back into your drug-induced coma?


Everything sucks.