Two hours.

That's how much sleep I got last night. I mean this morning.

The inside of my mouth, where I received my Novocaine injection for my surgery, has turned into a swollen blister. A blister that gets pressed on by my temporary denture, that then swells to a point where I can't remove the denture without scraping the HUGE SWOLLEN BLISTER and screaming in pain for about an hour and a half. Or longer.

If I don't wear my partial denture, my teeth shift, and then when I put it back in, it doesn't fit properly and my teeth ache for two hours until everything shifts back into place and the Ibuprofen kicks in.

So I spent the night laying on our couch, weeping, throbbing, not able to open my mouth, until around midnight when I finally, somehow, slingshot the damn thing out in one giant motion and felt immediate relief. Darien got home a few minutes later with some Orajel, and we stayed on the couch until around 2:00AM. At that point, I went to bed and stayed awake until around 3:30. And then woke up to my alarm at 5:30.

And like, you guys? I am so tired (ha!) of people complaining of insomnia. I think a very funny thing is when someone complains about insomnia because they’re up at 4:22 in the morning, but the thing is, they didn’t wake up until 2 in the afternoon. That’s not insomnia. You just can’t sleep as much as a sloth. That’s all that is.