Today I'm going to the dentist for my post-op and to have my stitches removed, and hopefully have my flipper adjusted so that I can (GASP!) wear it without writhing in pain.

What should be a typical 15-minute long appointment will surely turn into an hour-long torture chamber of tears, bank account draining, and more tears.

Then I'll drive home (while scrying [scream-crying] to Darien on the phone the entire way), eat ice cream for dinner, and hopefully finish making the dress I started two weeks ago, but have not because I lost my will to live somewhere in my second period of the month.

Did I mention what I did at all this weekend? Mutemath was in town and played Rites of Spring, which is a weird music festival held at Vanderbilt. I was excited to have them all in town, until the temperature dropped 20 degrees and the rain started pouring during their set. After an hour of their set, I ran through the rain back to the backstage tent and shivered for two hours before going home. Darien had been up for 48 nonstop hours before he got home, and 4 hours later I had to wake him up so he could catch his flight to Texas for the next Mutemath show. Afterwards I made shams for 4 of the one million pillows his stupid ugly couch came with.

Also I bought this phone case when I was high.