Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Life got unexpectedly busy with working extra hours (18 on Friday!), dealing with some residual mouth recovery, and doing my laundry. Laundry really takes it out of me.

Darien has been on the east coast for a few days working on a new tour, and will be gone until Monday (I think)... when he will come home for one night, and then leave for Australia with Mutemath the following day. For a month. A MONTH. At the end of that month, I'll be in California drinking margaritas and making out with my parents' dog, and when I get back he'll be going somewhere else to do something else and bla bla bla, basically I'm not going to see him until my birthday (which is in September, Virgo WHAT).

The good news is my friends came into town to support their new record that came out so I got to feel some warm embraces for a few hours while dodging super drunk Nashville men. The worst kind of man is a SDN man.

So, last night I was standing in front of Jordan while watching Stacy sing, and trying to ignore the SDNM in front of me who was clearly harassing another girl all night.

So this little porcupine heads to the bar, and on his way back comes up behind me, puts his arm around my waist, leans over and is all “I need to tell you something. See this girl in front of you? In the red dress? She's about to get really mad.”

And then he grabbed her ass.

And when she turned around, he pointed at me.

“That was awesome!” he says, as if I’m gonna be like “Oh, cool. You made me look like I grabbed her ass! Hilarious!” but instead I keep turning my back to him because well, I’m there with my friends and if I wanted to be on a date with a middle aged bald guy, I would be. I’m confident that at this juncture in my life, I could secure a date with a man who would purchase me alcohol and take advantage of me once the libations have set in. I’m 25. I have that much figured out.

The show was magical and the friendship time was even magicaller. I missed this little doll baby so much. It was even worth being groped by a SDNM for.

I got some really great feedback about the dress I wore last night -- and (drumroll), I'll be making a few more and putting them up for sale! And don't worry, they'll be affordable.

Also, Instagram people! I had to turn off my notifications because my iPhone battery was dying too quickly. I couldn't keep up with everyone. I'll get back to you all, but it might take me a little longer! Thanks for all the sweet compliments!!