Wednesday, April 25, 2012 it wrong of me to want to delete someone off my Facebook because she stole my baby name?

Yes. She had the audacity to name her child the same name I was planning on naming my child someday in the far future from now, and it genuinely EATS AT ME every time she mentions the kid's name in a status or photo. I feel like I had the best baby name on the block, and this bitch gets to walk around with it being her reality. She gets to buy those horribly generic wooden letters from JoAnn Fabrics and paint them with some dumb balloon print and put it on a wall in her house and call someone by that name and, eventually, have someone respond to it. She has taken the name that I once thought of as simple, clean, cute, and powerful and turned it into a knock off that you'd see on the Hot Topic sale rack at a suburban mall. Not only that, but this person is in somewhat of a public light and has surely opened the floodgates of this baby name, like every Aiden, Micah, and Lily before it. This can't happen to my baby name.

She needs to change its name. She has to.

It infuriates me. I know this sounds irrational, but it is so, so rational.