Yesterday I wore these shorts that are 2 sizes too big because I saw that it was going to be 70 degrees.  I failed to see that we would also be getting over 3 inches of rain.

I got a comment on Instagram asking me where I got the things in my house. Because from a small square image, you can tell that I have some serious style. One of the most common questions I get from people is where Darien and I shop for our furniture and house stuff. I will take full credit for the research and shopping I've done. You can ask him. I changed him forever. When I first moved here, his pre-existing garb consisted of mass-produced Target and Walmart furniture that made me dry heave, so I took on the responsibility of finding amazing antique furniture that didn't make our house look like a college dorm room or thrift store. Let me break it down for you:

1. Couch: Craigslist. The sofa is originally from Pottery Barn, aka Rich People Barn, and a girl down in Spring Hill reupholstered it with this cool yellow fabric with black and white flowers. She also put down in the cushions to make them squishy. The original price of the sofa at PB was over $2000. We scored it for just over $500.

2. Pillow: Ikea. I bought this pillow for less than $10 several years ago when I wanted my bedroom to be all black and white. It's got cool white embroidery in the shape of parrots and leaves, I think. I'm not actually sure.

3. Rug: WalMart. It was on sale for like $15. It's a simple black/gray/white skinny stripe all the way across. I wanted to put it in our kitchen to cover up our hideous vinyl floor, but decided it looked better in this room. The hideous vinyl floor remains.

4. Lamp: Antique Mall. The one thing I actually do like about Tennessee is its really great antique malls and pop up shops. Darien and I have a secret place that we go to a little south of where we live, and the majority of our major furniture purchases have been made there. I believe this lamp was a little steep at $45, but I was so in love with it that we went for it. It came with a larger shade, but we replaced it with this cheap ass one from Target for about $10.

5. Side table / Wall Art: Old Made Good. I had heard good things about OMG in East Nashville, and kept seeing photos of their repurposed furniture on Facebook. One day we stopped in to see if we could find anything good and made out with two of those aqua side tables and the print hanging on the wall (which reads, "If you don't like it you can get the fuck out of my house"), for a total of around $175 (I think). Yes, I have an obsession with aqua (the color, and also the band).

The ottoman that you can't see is from Ross and cost us $100, I think. It opens up and is currently being used as a makeshift coffee table / blanket container in this room. This weekend I'll do another post of the cool things in our house (with high-res photos) because I love bragging and talking about how good I am at being cooler than everyone else and also how good I am at not spending any money on anything.