To be fair, I tried to remove this person's last name to give a sense of decency to this whole thing or whatever, cos God bless these people and whatever their problems are... but I don't know the boyfriend in question, and either way, since everyone's quite freely expressing their feelings about your situation today, I feel like I need to tell you (anyone reading this) that 1) I don't like how y'all are handling this publicly and 2) EASY on the Facebook relationship updates. Any relationship information looks creepy enough as it is, but when you go saying things like this you're taking it a liiiiiittle too far. And also, it's embarrassing. Plus, like... what if you guys work it out? What if it was a joke? TOO LATE. I ALREADY KNOW ABOUT YOUR BOYFRIEND'S ANIMAL PORN COLLECTION.

I know this isn't high school, but let's face it: Once you hit your mid-20s and people from your childhood are having freaking weddings on the beach, pretty much any relationship issue is worse than getting dumped via a note written in jelly pen after second period Italian Level 2, ya know? You have to start handling shit more gracefully because you don't wanna lose your rep with your homies, basically. So keep that shit tight. Keep it close. You only need to touch that "Update Status" button once in a blue moon when you like, KNOW IN ADVANCE that you want it public... because putting it out there for everyone from your former co-workers to your second cousins to see makes you vulnerable and it sets off bells in the minds of crazies. I don't need to explain the second part of the last sentence because really awesome people already know what I mean.

Anyway, I think what I just said is all pretty fair.