Sometimes the only way for me to get by during my long-ass repetitive days is by secretly pretending I have my own reality show. I make a lot of jokes when no one is around.

It’s also a tool I use when I’m uncomfortable in a social situation. Trying to be funny/personable towards an imaginary audience is easier than trying to make real people laugh. THAT'S WHY I HAVE A BLOG, PROBABLY.

I also rehearse conversations with people while I am driving alone. And think out loud a lot. And think about things to say in my blog, out loud. By myself.

(I mean, like, I don’t literally pretend I have a reality TV show. But, uh... I do.)

(I’m not like, CATERING to fake cameras. I’m like… uh… Trying to keep sane. By pretending people are watching me at all times. Okay, this got weird.)