noo moosic

Friday, March 2, 2012

Had such an amazingly delirious and wonderful night last night. Corrie and I went out to dinner and ate, basically, a burger made out of seeds and gluten. We fought, really hardcore, about our viewpoints RE: gluten and so we decided that gluten is one of those topics that you just shouldn't discuss with your friends. Politics, money, and gluten.

We have been working towards releasing a short jobberwonk video clip with a teaser version of one of our slower songs, "Commonwealth." We set up a scratch track last night and it is sounding really precious. I'm functioning on three hours of sleep because close to midnight, my good friend JR and his woman came over to track some banjo and it got me so excited. They came over at midnight to record TALENT for FREE as a PERSONAL FAVOR. Because I have CONNECTIONS.

Shit, dawg. I have like nine days worth of happiness stored inside of me right now. Is there anything better than this? Is there? No. All nine of my sons could return home safely from WWIII and I will be like, "That’s all well and good John Mayer Jr., but I got my friend to record his skills for free and also I ate a burger comprised of beans and seeds for less money than an expensive salad."

Tonight we are flying up to Cleveland, and I am possibly catching back up with the Mutemath tour for a couple of days.

Unless a tornado eats me today, which has been scientifically proven to be an 80% possibility.