I spent $3,000 yesterday. $3,000 that took me seven months to save up. For a tooth. In my mouth. I still can't quite get over it.

I will have to spend an additional $2,500 in a few months. For the same tooth. In my mouth.

That's, like, two new Macbooks. That's, like, tuition for some people. That's how much my first car cost. A car that lasted through 250,000 miles and two years of hustling my busy ass around.

Thankfully a good chunk of that money was a down payment on the drugs that will euthanize me. Permanently. Hopefully.

I've been carrying around a lot of sadness and guilt about all this, and I can't even really get into it because it stresses me out just thinking about how many people this is affecting, but I will say that I think I was completely justified in buying that jumbo cupcake mold at Ross yesterday for $4.