Dress for sale!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It absolutely breaks my heart to have to do this, because I saved up for this dress for a few weeks, and even had it constructed to fit my measurements. It was beautifully crafted by an incredibly talented girl in the Bay Area of California... but, unfortunately, it just does not fit me (my fault, not hers!). It's too short of a skirt and not quite flowy enough for my hips (and just a bitttttt too snug in the waist). If I have any petite readers out there who would be interested in this amazing dress, please email me and I will see if I can cut you a deal on it. At this point it will only live in my closet, and for what I spent on it, I'd much rather somebody get some good use out of it.

This would best fit a shorter XS girl. My measurements are 34" / 25" / 34" (I think) and I'm 5'7". The fabric is a super soft cotton blend with just a hint of stretch to it. Features birds and branches and blossoms, oh my.

Please buy it. It is normally listed at $108 (which, even that, is a steal for what this dress could go for in retail) but I will accept less than that for a good owner.