DIY $10 Kitchen Hutch Makeover

Saturday, March 17, 2012

This is my kitchen hutch:

It's a little rickety. I had seen it at my favorite antique shop for weeks and weeks and weeks after I moved here. While I strongly appreciate a shabby paint job, wear and tear, and extremely old furniture... I could not get past its initial $495 price tag. But we kept seeing it! Every time we'd walk in! And every time, we'd check the price tag to see if it had gone down. It never did.

Until one day.

Darien and I stopped by one evening minutes before they closed. We did a quick lap around the bottom floor of this place, until finally Darien said to the saleslady, "I'll give you $100 for this hutch."

"Fine. But only if you take it right now."

And so we did.

I couldn't believe it! The highly coveted old-as-hell kitchen hutch with wobbly drawers and a bad paint job was finally ours! For $100!

I originally had intentions of painting the back a fun color, or even adding wallpaper for a cool pattern. But both of those things cost a lot of money, and are incredibly time consuming. And semi-permanent. And, in general, I'm so lazy. So I've lived with a neutral off-white hutch for five months.

Until I realized I could transform this sexy ass hutch for $10 and about 20 minutes with fabric and double-stick tape.

I went down to JoAnn Fabric (who normally I try and avoid, but Nashville doesn't have any other options... ever... for anything... EVER) and searched for almost an hour and a half. I couldn't find a pattern that I liked. I had just about given up when I passed a sale rack and saw this cool Ikat fabric for $8.99/yard. For this hutch, I needed a piece that was at least 38" x 40", which was just over a yard.

I measured all three individual backdrops, cut my rectangles, and taped them up with some heavy duty double-stick tape. You can probably just use duct tape, or any kind of tape (depending on your weight of fabric). We'll see how long this holds up, but for a $10 makeover that can be interchanged with any other fabric, or taken down altogether... I'd say it was totally worth it.

The final result: