Did I mention I have pink hair?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Because I do. I've been reading a lot about hair chalking and how easy it is to do, if your local art supply store carries the right kind of pastel chalk. Mine hasn't in a month, but the other day I did my second weekly check and saw they'd restocked.

My only issue with this technique is it makes your hair feel really dry and damaged. It isn't, though. But it sure looks that way. I've been trying different bonding methods (water, leave-in conditioner, root lift, pomade) to see if anything makes my hair look less dry. It also feels chalky, and is really hard to comb through.

It washes out in a day or two, but I have been reapplying every morning because I love looking badass.

Also I've been really jealous of a dress that Corrie has with strawberries all over it that she got at a thrift store for probably 50 cents and HA HA, CORRIE, I FOUND MY OWN STRAWBERRY DRESS FOR $15.

This is the only picture I can find of her wearing it. This was taken at a roadside diner somewhere in New Mexico (Santa Rosa, I think). We both got MAD DIARRHEA after eating there. I think. Maybe it was just me. But look how cute! Way more strawberryish than mine! Damn! Should change our band name to FOXBERRIES.