Valentine's Dead

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Well, we all survived Valentine's Day! Now I can look forward to serious price cuts on heart shaped baking utensils because, may I remind you, hearts rule the world.

I celebrated by buying myself a gorgeous $100 dress that I've been desperate for, and putting my delivered flowers from Darien (who is on tour) into a vase and telling myself to not completely ignore them while they drop petals and leaves everywhere and beg for my attention. I am growing those flowers and ensuring that they live a tight life full of water and sunshine. I will provide them with those things, as well as clip the dead blossoms when the time comes. I decided that I’m going to be seriously attached to these flowers and that they're my motherf'ers and that I will take a bullet for them and make room for them in my Panic Backpack*.

Except I bet in two days from now they'll all be dead and scattered all over my kitchen and growing mold and that is just such a great symbol for how I feel about this year's Valentine's Day. 

*backpack for the upcoming shift in the universe aka apocalypse.