Valentine's Day Stories, Part 1

Monday, February 13, 2012

Here’s a little Valentine’s Day story for you.

Junior year of college, this dude was, like, totally courting me proper and I wasn’t having any of it. I was Groucho Marx-ing the heck out the way you can only afford to do with anyone when you’re 19 and selfish. We were friends, but I am sure I called him stupid to his face at least once. If he asked me to hang out, I would only say yes when I felt lonely and usually acted annoyed to be in his presence. He was unusually nice, not conventionally attractive, and a total stoner. In retrospect, I was a total fool for shutting him out because he dug me and I was really into dumb guys back then, but at the time I seemed pretty sure that I was acting the way I needed to.

Valentine’s Day rolled around right about the time I thought he was starting to get a clue. It didn’t even really occur to me what day it was when he kept relentlessly texting me, asking to see me in person for “something important.”

I texted him back. “Why?”

At the time, I was always at my friends’ house because one of them was my best friend, and the other one I was regularly sharing a bed with. It was kind of a known fact in our group of friends that I was half-dating my bed sharer and that, even more importantly, I wasn’t interested in anyone else. You could say we were dating, but I wouldn't.

After dodging this guy’s texts and telling him my excuses (like, “I’m at my best friend’s / guy I’m dating’s house, I won’t be back home until tomorrow or Monday”) for several days, it finally all caught up with me one night when I was leaving their house to go back to my own apartment.

Under my windshield, he stuck a mix CD and four-page letter, describing in detail how his feelings developed for me and how he’d never fallen for anyone the way he fell for me. He called it the Red Pen Mix because one night when we were hanging out, I drew all over a piece of paper in his apartment (with a red pen) after coming up with some idea for a bakery I wanted to start. He decorated the paper sleeve of the mix with replicas of my drawings, in the same red pen. And he left it...outside of my sort-of-boyfriend’s house. The same sort-of-boyfriend who could never be bothered to be my actual-boyfriend, who I regularly cried and whined over.

My bitch heart straight melted. He hounded me for the next two days (and I mean, texting and calling every half hour for 48 hours). I finally acted like a coward and emailed him, explaining that I was seeing someone and that even if I wasn't seeing someone, I wasn't interested. I was never mean to him again, but he also never tried to ask me out again.

No matter what your status is, it is a really nice thing when someone takes time out on Valentine’s Day to make sure you know you mean something. Also, sometimes I’m a bitch, so I’m sorry about that but I think we all learn something from me.

PS: Three weeks later, he started dating my friend and they got engaged a few months after that. So maybe he's a big fat liar anyway and deserved to get kicked to the curb by Bitch Karin circa 2007.