I was just sitting here thinking, wow, I don't even know any Chris Brown songs. That's so crazy considering I'm a breathing 25 year old American. Then I was like, I wonder if he'll come out with some kind of Greatest Hits one day? Is he really that big of a deal, musically?

AND THEN... something something... trying to develop a joke... something about... Chris Brown's Greatest Hits... something.

Anyway. It'll come to me.

EDIT: To be completely honest, I wouldn't know a Chris Brown song if it hit me in the face.


(You guys know I'm like WAY against domestic violence, right? And all violence. I feel like I shouldn't have to say that, but there's always that reader who thinks I'm being disrespectful and gets offended up the butt about the dumb things I come up with while on my lunch break. If, after reading that hilarious joke I just invented, you still are offended with a fierceness that cannot be described, then maybe you should punch a pillow, take a breath, and then step back for some perspective before you let it ruin your life. They are, after all, just jokes.)

Great! My disclaimer is longer than my actual blog post! See what you easily offended people put me through? 

This is the worst blog ever written.

I'm really sorry for this whole thing.

Delete my phone number.