Oh my God.

Yesterday while dropping a 6 year old off at school in the morning, a bird dropped what I can only describe as six miscarriages onto my driver's side window and it seeped into the crack and dripped down to the base of my car. I know that birds can't scientifically have miscarriages, except for when I eat eggs in the morning, but damn.

Then I was talking to God in the shower this morning, as I do every morning, and I explained, "yo, God. Why would a bird do that? Other than the obvious parallels to how I've been feeling about my life lately, why would you send bird fetuses at me like I need that?"

God laughed in my face and then the sky opened up and a downpour washed the bird liquids away.

I was starting to think all existential like, DAMN, talk about proof of God in your day to day. Talk about the concept of not being able to take anymore and then the universe fixing itself. Just like that! Clean slate!

Then I checked the weather report and saw we're getting tornadoes later today, and I was like, LOL, TOUCHE, GOD.