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Monday, February 20, 2012

Our original plan for Sunday was to ride the bus from Minneapolis back down to Nashville. Saturday night we found out that the bus would be waiting until the morning to drop some people off at the airport, which pushed our timetable back by about six hours. Worried that the bus wouldn't make the 18 hour drive back to town in time for me to be at work by 7:00 this morning, Darien caved and bought us each a 10:55 AM one-way plane ticket so that we could spend Sunday leisurely getting some breakfast and moseying our way to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.

The bus dropped us at the hotel around 3:00 AM where Darien and I both assumed we could get a few hours of sleep, and I'd wake him up at my standard 7:00 AM to force him up.

I don't know if I've been clear about this or not, but I have not been sleeping well for the past two months or so. Generally an hour or two here, then an hour or two there. I've had maybe a handful of full nights of sleep since the new year began.

And, sleeping on the bus especially, sleep doesn't come easy.

I also haven't slept in past 8:00 AM in years. Actual years.

So, naturally, once my head hit the pillow at the hotel, you can imagine my surprise when I woke up to see the clock said 11:15 AM.

Let it be known, the Radisson in downtown Minneapolis apparently has really comfortable beds that cure insomnia.

We rushed to get our new flights, thankfully at no extra charge. Had a quick brunch (of PIZZA and FONDUE and EGGS and BACON), wandered downtown to the train station, and got home without a hitch (with a two hour layover / ice cream & popcorn break in my favorite city, Chicago.)

Some pics from the weekend:

This was after the confetti explosion towards the end of Mutemath's set. I cannot more highly recommend this show. The tour is ending in a few weeks so try and make it out, if you can!

Waiting at the train station. I took a hundred shots of us. We rarely are photographed together. More exciting, he rarely looks good in photos.

How SMALL do I look here?! I wanted to get a shot of me with the cool Wizard of Oz art in the background and shrieked when I saw how midget-esque I was looking. For the record, I'm 5'7".

There are a few more shots on my Instagram... follow me there under Buckery. I'll be back out on this tour in two weeks for Columbus and Cleveland, and then for the Florida and Georgia shows. Come out!