I've already had an exciting day. I'm ready for bed.

I emailed the news director and executive producer for a local news station out here. They said some grossly offensive and irrelevant things RE: Planned Parenthood / Susan G. Komen and felt offended enough to reach out and correct them. It's not that what they said was factually wrong; but if you are going to report on a touchy subject like Planned Parenthood, maybe you should reference the majority of what they do (cancer screening, STD treatment, contraception, reproductive health care), and NOT only mention their abortion services (less than 3% of what they do). Especially in this case, which was so unrelated to the story.

Both the news director and the executive producer, I found out, are women. I hope I came across as an emotionally balanced 20-something concerned woman, and not some crazy Los Angeles transplant, eager to disrupt the delightfully ignorant Tennessee news.

Not to be, like, talking about abortion on the Internet or whatever.

This morning, I made my bed in preparation for coming home from work tonight. I’m going to be so excited to see a freshly made bed. I rarely make my bed (granted, I don't move around much at night so it rarely needs making), so I know I’ll be surprised when I come home tonight. I’ll be so happy. I’ll be like “God, this is awesome.”

And it is awesome. I turn off the heat in my house when I go to work since I am gone for nearly 12 hours everyday, so my house is honestly like 50 degrees. I have 4 blankets on my bed right now. I’m going to open my door and be like “God, my house is cold — LOOK AT MY BED! IT’S SO MADE!”

I love how cold my room is and how 700 blankets feel on top of me. I feel like it’s very womblike. My bed is safe and warm and everything outside of it is harsh and freezing.