Going to my salon after work to get my hair situation handled. It's faded into a really pretty, natural ombre, which I'm sure most girls would like. I, however, need darker roots and blonder ends. I need to look trashy.

Tomorrow morning, Darien and I are going to Memphis for the weekend. Before we leave, I've assigned myself the role of inventor of morning breakfast casseroles. I'm combining a few different recipes into what I can only describe as Monkey Bread French Toast Casserole... with Pecans. Not sure how it'll turn out, seeing as I have never made Monkey Bread nor French Toast Casserole before.

It requires assembly tonight with easy baking in the morning.

Sorry this post isn't funny. Sorry I'm not living up to my online expectations.

Think about it! She Who Does Not Cook invented a breakfast casserole that may or may not even be good!

I just started my period. Leave me alone.