honesty hour

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Been having a rough ass week, emotionally, and also kinda physically, because I got some mad hay fever that is setting my my nose on fire and making me wonder if suicide is really that big of a deal?

I think some major changes are on the horizon for me. Too major to even talk about online. (Guffaw!)

Corrie and her husbo have been in our hometown in California for a few days. Last week she called me to let me know that their flight back to Ohio has a layover in Nashville. We then decided she would just get off the plane in Nashville and stay here with me until this weekend when I have to fly up to Ohio for the Mutemath tour. Then we decided I would change my flight route completely and just go straight to Cleveland with her and we'd drive out to a few shows, rather than me having to ride the bus and be, generally, uncomfortable and in the way.

We are hoping to get the final writing done for whatever EP we are making. I tend to put unrealistic goals on myself with this stuff, so rather than expecting to have 300 songs completed, I'm just going to hope that I can go a solid 30 minutes without opening up my laptop to take pictures of myself with Photobooth. Baby steps towards an EP.

I'm just really excited to have girl time. I have almost zero friends here in Nashville. That's a lie. I have friends who I never see, talk to, hang out with, or really know anything about. That's a bizarre sentence to not only write, but it's exactly what I meant. I wake up every morning to tweets, instagrams, Facebook posts about how much fun everyone is having. I've considered deleting all of my social networking so that I can't compare my lack of fun to everyone else's huge fun. I still might. But it'll be nice to have fun with somebody other than myself for the next week, while doing something I truly enjoy with somebody I can't live without.

Also we'll probably spend a bunch of time at Crema, take lots of Instagrams of our coffee cups, and maybe some super artsy shots of old buildings / telephone wires, and then have asthma attacks while discussing the music industry and dropping as many names as we can.