Working on my judginess.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Like I said before, the past few nights I have been hanging out with people I know and also people I don't know, and for a moment the other night I got all high and judgmental. But I still had a shit ton of fun and met some awesome people. It was like, 20 minutes of my night I was feeling judgy-ish: Here are things I got judgmental about:

    •    A bunch of "Nashville" people were crammed into the rehearsal space and they were all wearing totally douche bag scarves even though we were inside and it was pretty warmish. I’ve like, never even seen so many scarves in one space before.

    •    This one chick was wearing roughly seven layers… of tank tops. And a scarf.

    •    Some guy laughed at me because I’ve never heard of some generic Nashville ish indie band before and I know he was just being all like, nice and funny about it, but he had a scarf so I hated him and I was like, “Is this guy laughing at me for never hearing this before?!” “No, I’m just laughing because it’s fun watching people discover things for the first time.” So that’s when I decided he probably raped virgins because you don’t wear scarves with a beard like that while making comments like that without being a virgin raper.

    •    Probably, I mean?

Then there was this other chick and… Listen. This is why I need to stop being judgmental. She came in and she was saying things and I literally, for just a moment, thought she was a totally retarded person. And I was saying to myself, “why is her attractiveish, seemingly intelligent boyfriend with her? How did this happen?” Then I noticed they had RINGS. On their FINGERS. MARRIED?! In my head, things started to make sense. They were together for one of two reasons:

    •    It was a The Notebook-type situation. She has brain tumors and he wanted to marry her because they were high school sweethearts, but now the brain tumors are growing and that’s why she’s retarded. That poor girl. But… How Ryan Gosling-esque of that man. Noble. Noble.

    •    Orrr… She got into a car accident a few days after they got married. He feels too guilty to divorce her, so he takes care of her.

But you know what, guys? It turns out she had a few funny things to say. She was awesome and not retarded. She was my favorite person of the night (other than Stacy, but Stacy had to go leave to be professional and left me there to be judgmental by myself, which by the way was so rude of her. How dare she just like go live a life without me when I so obviously can't keep my judginess in check. I need a partner in judgment. I hate myself.) I’m a total asshole for judging people before I even talk to them. Especially in Nashville. I think in Nashville is the only place I really do that. Does this make me part of the problem of Nashville? Absolutely, but don't you ever say it to my face.

Anyway, then there was this other girl who nannies out here, and when I told her I that I am one, too, she gave me some really nice tips about where to take lil babies to have fun for free. Then she started to compliment me endlessly for 20 minutes (endlessly for 20 minutes? HAH.), and that’s NOT EVEN the reason why I liked her. Next thing you know she’s on the couch across from me, laughing at my jokes? Which totally made me uncomfortable because I’m not really all about strangers "getting" me, but I minded it a lot less than I usually do.

Anyway, this whole week of pre-production was just a Life Lesson for me. I learned it all in a cumulative span of 20 minutes, too.

I am a scholar of myself.