What does it mean when PMS lasts like… 10 days?

Wait, I just checked. 5 days. It felt like 10. It feels like 10. I’ve taken 5 days of outburst of SADNESS or ANGER or LOVE-FOR-BABIES-AND-PUPPIES and sometimes, in the Venn Diagram that is Crying During PMS Week, all three at once.

I’m a lot less of a mess than I appear on my blog, you guys. I want to make that clear. This blog is probably the only thing keeping me able to participate in society. This blog is an exaggeration of the magnification of the smallest and worst parts of me.

I was going to write about the thought that made me kind of tear up today, but I decided it was a little “much”. But It did involve me striking rich and adopting the homeless cats. All the homeless cats.

Now imagine the real Shaq saying this.