Ugh, Blog Thief started a new blog with all of the same stuff as before. I'll deal with her later.

Last night we had our good friends JR and Dani over for dinner. We made a FEAST! Everything was so delicious until around 1:00AM Darien came crawling into bed, shivering, high fever, hyperventilating...

We had a rough night. My Dr. Bosses are trying to get him to come into their clinic today to do blood work, because something was serious not right. When Darien gets sick, he rarely lets it show. It's one of his stronger qualities and allows little wimps like me to really bring down the house when I get sick. I'm pretty concerned for him right now, and fighting the urge to call him every five seconds and actually let him sleep. I'm so selfless, guys. I have the poise and stamina and bomb-ass spirit of a queen.

Oh. We bought a treadmill yesterday. It's half assembled in our upstairs office. OF COURSE I WOULDN'T WANT DARIEN TO PUT IT TOGETHER WHILE HE IS SICK but of course he will get better by tonight, right? Right? Right, Darien?

Also, this happened yesterday.