Some Praises

Friday, January 27, 2012

Look, I need to be honest with my readers about products and services that I endorse because, DAMN, if I can change the world into thinking exactly like I do, then the world would be a peaceful place.

Let me just let you know about Amazon. And how great they are.

I mean, I don't think anyone has ever necessarily said anything BAD about Amazon. They have a ton of products and pretty unbeatable shipping prices... and free returns!

But listen. Listen to me. I bought some winter boots yesterday at lunch because I was bored and also because I wanted to see if they were lying about telling me that they only had 2 pairs left in my size. It's not really a good reason to buy a pair of boots, to see if Amazon was lying to me, but I'll let you know right now that once I ordered them, sure enough, they only had 1 pair left. So. Do I have a problem? No. I look fly as hell, all the time, so no.

Anyway. What I was saying. I bought these around 1:30 PM yesterday. I opted for the free shipping that typically takes 5 - 8 business days (NOTE: Every time I have ordered from Amazon, they overestimate their shipping times, so it's normally early anyway). I was like, cool, I'll get them early next week when it's a little colder and I can be all warmish and a hot bitch.

I got an email an hour ago letting me know they were DELIVERED. ALREADY. THIS MORNING.

Amazon. Give me coupons and I will never stop talking about you on my blog. Do you hear me, Amazon? I will name my first born child Amazon, and also, don't you think your slogan should be "AMAZON IS SO A-MAZE-ON'"?