New Years was amazing, obviously. I really liked Atlanta. Google maps lied by saying it was a 4 hour drive away. I got there in under 3. Because I'm reckless. I'm hoping to go back soon and spend a little more time there with Koop.

I didn't get my picture with the Georgia welcome sign (it's a tradition of mine to take a picture in front of every new state sign. Eventually I'll have all 50. Assuming all 50 do it. I'm ignorant.) but I finally got my Tennessee shot. Driving into TN from the West, you are driving over a big ass river and there is nowhere to pull off. Thankfully, TN borders a total of seven states, so there are plenty of opportunities.

Our drive back was really nice. Darien and I both stopped to get iPhones. Happy New Year.

And of course he made a creep face while I made a derp face.