I had such a sensi day yesterday. I felt like people were coming at me from all directions and it really took a toll on my brain by the time I got home from my 11 hour work day.

Blog Thief still has not taken down the posts she ripped from me (LOL, she didn't even change the FONT), nor has she taken down her Instagram bio, or her blog bio, but she stopped Tweeting my Tweets. Haha, because I can still see her Tweets, even though she decided to protect them. Girl, why you protectin' them Tweets? It's not like they gold.

I tried being nice, and she deleted my niceness. I tried being passive aggressive and blogging about her, but she ignored it. Girl, you can prevent all this simply by emailing me an apology and taking it down. Again, I really appreciate your level of commitment to my Internets. I really don't appreciate you passing it off as your own, though. (EDIT: Blog has been deleted, as I added to my post from yesterday.)

Anyway, on my drive home I got to thinking about how sad I was about all of it, and how awkward I feel for even having to address it (and the fact that it still hasn't been handled). And then I got pulled over. A block away from my house. My house where I just wanted to collapse and cry inside of. Do you know what I got pulled over for? Well, I didn't until he handed me my ticket. The ticket he issued while he was sitting in someone's personal driveway without his lights on. Apparently I "ran" a stop sign. Okay, here's the thing. It's possible I rolled it a little. Because I was on my street. My house was feasibly in sight. There were no other cars. It's not like I just decided to blow the stop sign.

So guess what? Now that's a moving violation. On my perfectly clean record, that allows me to have perfectly cheap insurance because I am a perfect driver.

In that moment, all of my shits were lost.

I slammed doors, I punched walls, I screamed at the top of my lungs, I yelled, I wished death upon this officer, I considered walking down to his car and stabbing him, and I threatened to kill myself. Words can't accurately describe how seriously of my shits that were lost. Me, without my shit, rolling around on my floor like an epileptic who forgot her seizure medication or something. There were positively no more shits to be lost.

I don't really know what the root of my meltdown was. I called Darien and basically screamed into my iPhone until he, as well, was left without shits to be lost. He immediately left work and scouted our neighborhood for this fuck face cop who was a total life ruiner and ruined lives. After no luck, he came home and gave me a Xanax and his super comfy Christmas pajamas to wear. And I cried. And kept crying. And then, because the world still had tears to cry, I cried more, until there were no more tears for anyone. No one will ever cry again, because I have cried the world's tears over getting a moving violation ticket.

So now I get to pay the $42 that it costs to actually pay my ticket, as well as $100 for traffic school. I have to pay them $42 to pay my ticket. There is fine just for paying. "Oh, you want to pay this ticket? Well first you must pay the fine. Because this small yellow piece of paper is worth $42 to us. We can't go wasting this yellow paper. It is very high quality and rare and made from very rare yellow trees that are almost extinct and endangered and also you have to pay for traffic school."

Between a girl trying to be me on the Internet and a cop giving me very expensive yellow paper with indecipherable penmanship for something I most certainly did not do, I was ready to just end things. End my life. End the universe.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm a manic depressive who probably needs to be taking some type of medication and/or eating regularly?