Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Something that gives me as much perverse pleasure as it does give me WTF (that’s an emotion now, right? And if not, is it an e-motion?) is when I come across someone who ctrl+c/ctrl+v’s the shit out of my blog without credit. Then, when confronted, appears to stop momentarily, but really just starts a new blog and keeps Tweeting and Status Updating my thoughts. And has absolutely no idea that I've been explicitly watching her every e-move since I first caught her. And taken every screen grab of every single individual Tweet, status update, and blog entry.

Usually these blogs are run by boring, boring young women, so I get it. I’m like, mad smart and crazy funny compared to them. I’m like, THE BEST compared to them.

An open letter to ingestedinaccurately.blogspot.com, aka @determineddqw on Twitter, aka Diamond Wilcoxson from El Centro, CA on Facebook:

Hey girl! How’s it poppin’? You’re so boring.



Also, like, if you're gonna rip me off... don't CHANGE my tweets to be NOT funny. Who is obsessed with Mark Hoppus in 2012, anyway?