Do you think there is a super religious person who believes in Adam and Eve and also they are super into the concept that no matter who they’re dating, they’re dating a relative and I JUST WANT TO SAY that I find that disgusting because I bet it’s true. And like I said, I’m usually totally right about these types of assumptions.

I AM ON SO MUCH PSEUDOEPHEDRINE. JK, regular amounts. Still, though…

I’m sorry if this annoying. I have a lot more to apologize about, but I don’t want to feel my emotions right now.

Darien is sleeping next to me. This is like, maybe the third time I have woken up with him next to me since I moved here six months ago. Even his snoring isn't bothering me because this is such a rare thing (waking up next to him, not his snoring). Also, are Darien and I related?