Yo, so I decided I think English is a whack language that REALLY doesn't get the job done. Like, I think I'd rather communicate via images and cairns. How dope would that be if you had to ask someone out by leaving a stack of stones in front of them, RIGHT?! Anyway, I remembered this lecture I heard re: the English language and my prof was like, "The English language is based on linear time and mentality." Damn. Allow that to sink in for a minute and then look me in the eye and tell me that the human race is winning. LINEAR TIME AND MENTALITY? You guys, neither of those things even EXISTS. I really want to stress this point today and everyday. We are living on a grid of lies. Everyone we've ever known has lived their lives based on a system built by plain human minds and no one even talks about it or tries to change it. I would vote for a president who would be willing to eliminate the calendar system (and money). Also, time. That’s real freedom. Freedom! I worked 54 hours this week!