Wow! I have written some crazy blog entires in my life, but I have never gotten as many emails as I did last night re: cutting my hair off. I will respond individually to you (I swear*) but a few things...
  • NO! I did not cut it! It's tucked in my hood!
  • I am not planning on cutting my hair this short. I would probably love it for about a week, and then I would experience painful regret and then cry for five years while it grew back. I know this because I have cut my hair short twice in my life; once my sophomore year of high school, I saw a cool picture of Tegan and Sara and thought maybe I should be edgier and look like them so people knew how deep and artsy I was. Another time after a breakup in college when I thought cutting my hair off might be the solution to my emotional problems, when really I just cut it short to try and look more like the type of girl my ex boyfriend wanted to be with. Yes, I have done some really stupid things in the past.
  • I already told Marwa, my hair girl, that if I ever marched into her salon and demanded she chop my hair off that she is not allowed to listen to me. And I trust her. She won't let me, no matter how much I convince her.
  • But maybe one day.
  • Thank you for caring enough to reach out and compliment me. It really, really, really means a lot to me that people on the Internet take time out of their lives to email me. Especially about things like hair. It sounds like I'm being sarcastic, but I am being 100% honest.
*I know, it might take me a while because I am famously really bad at responding to emails, even from people I know in real life, but it'll happen. But like, don't hold your breath because it might not be soon. Maybe for Christmas, ok?