Sinus headache. Another sinus headache. I've been getting sinus headaches as soon as I wake up, and generally last all day. For the past MONTH, I have had sinus headaches and migraines, almost daily. I could not make this up. I can't move my head AT ALL without hearing my brain slosh from side to side, and feeling like somehow, somewhere, my head will spring a leak and everything will pour out of me. Another ocean. I have the world's next ocean living in my sinus cavities.

Hilarious. This whole thing. My whole life is hilarious. It’s the best joke. Do you know what I get at the end of this? After going to all that school and doing all this work and suffering through the worst sinus migraines ever WHILE I have a head cold WHILE it's 24 degrees outside is DEATH. I GET TO DIE AT THE END OF THIS.

Just hilarious. PROPS 2 U, UNIVERSE.