I still don't have my groove down in this house. I have no idea where to look for things when I put them down absentmindedly and I hate hate HATE folks who are always looking for things. When someone's like, "Oh, crap! Where's my wallet/keys/sunglasses?!" I completely check out. I have zero patience for people who are constantly forgetful of the two or three basic things that every functioning human needs to get through life.

But I've become one of those people in this house. Tonight after I finished packing my bags to fly home with tomorrow I spent 20 minutes looking for something on my bed. It was ON MY BED. Just ONE BED. ONE PLACE TO LOOK. I guess it's a really big bed or my vision is way worse than I thought because it truly took 20 minutes. Just as I was getting so frustrated that I thought I was going to cry (I know, but I'm telling you, misplacing things really bothers me) I found what I was looking for under Darien's Snuggie.

And that kinda made me lose it for a sec. I'm so scattered in this house and I can never find what I'm looking for because it's always hiding under something like a blanket with arms that was made to fit a grown man.

But, I know the only way to make myself appreciate this house is to spend the next 14 days under my parents' roof. Yay.