Don’t be a creep

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I almost can't even believe that I've been brought to say this, but you guys: Don't be a creep on the Internet. If you do weird shit on the Internet like go through people's friend lists on a social networking site and add their friends that you don't know just because you think they're hot, like… people be talking. People are going to talk about that in real life. If you are married with children and you "poke" someone on Facebook and it's not obviously a joke… people be talking. People be talking, you guys. IRL. People be talking.

So like, curb your weird behavior, people. I'm so upset. I'm so upset that people have to be spoken to about this. Don’t be weird. C'mon. Show a little bit of dignity. You know? Like, damn.

P.S. If you kill anyone I love, I will kill you back.