Whenever I look at the packaging for pita chips (or any otherwise "healthy" chip situation) and I see in big, bold font "50% less fat than the average potato chip," I'm always like... really? Only 50% less? Potato chips are like the ultimate food if you want to be a giant moose. Not that there is anything wrong with giant mooses or being overweight, but I think that if you are overweight due to potato chip consumption, you have a real problem on your hands (and your hips). Right, though? Only half the fat? I would think it'd be more like 90% less fat than potato chips.

And?! AND?! A serving is like, 8 pita chips. EIGHT. For, like, 130 calories? You can eat 20 potato chips for 130 calories, and they taste way saltier and greater. I bet if you put hummus on potato chips, it tastes like a baked potato. I bet it does.

What are we doing with these pita chips? I'm eating puree chickpeas on these for Christ's sake.

Mad whack. Mad whack.