my purchases are never frivolous

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Since I decided that spending a fortune on Christmas shopping last night wasn't enough, I went out to buy a few things for Darien this morning. Then, I was all, well, maybe I should go get supplies for my little DIY gifts that I'm giving out to randoms this year*. So I went to Target to get some supplies for that. Then I was all, well, maybe I should go to the mall and buy more layering sweaters since I can't stop shivering every single day, and I think my bosses are catching onto the fact that I wear the same purple hoodie and one of two pairs of jeans everyday. So I went to find jeans, and I found the exact pair that I already have, but in a smaller size. Since I am Shrinking Lady and even the two pairs of jeans that I wear are actually too big, I bought them. The same jeans. That I already have. And a gray hoodie. Because apparently Forever 21 thinks that it's hot as hell outside and cropped sweaters are okay. For anyone. Ever. Under any weather circumstance. Cropped. Sweaters. The same jeans.

But it doesn't end there. I gave ALL of my change to some children-and-elderly-related Christmas charity because that stuff makes me cry. There was probably $20 in that change. $20 that I could have used on 20 tacos for lunch.

I also teared up a few times in Macys because of the Christmas music. It made me so happy. Christmas for everyone.


*Just, like, people I'm friends with but never hang out with. Superficial friends. Friends who are always like "oh let's hang out sometime" but then never text you to hang out. Friends who are probably reading this and hopefully feeling really guilty about it. Friends who should text me to hang out because I swear to Kardashian I am one step away from tying up the noose. For example.