Metric is so great that they probably shouldn’t have even existed in the 00s. I discovered them in high school after I was given an old mix CD from a friend and whoever had it before me had the same taste in music as me. That’s also how I discovered most of my favorite bands. I like chicks who sing about boys.

I had a really good friend at the time who went to a different high school, but we became pretty tight because she was friends with my boyfriend and was a pretty cool chick. Anyway, this was playing in my car one night when I was driving her home and she said, “You’re playing this song? I love this song. Oh, man. This feels like fate now.”

When my boyfriend and I broke up my freshman year of college, she swooped in for him and, if you've ever seen Mean Girls, you know that it's against the Rules of Feminism to do that... I spent a majority of my early college years mourning the loss of my relationship, my friendship, my trust, and all those other things generic college emotions, and I'd listen to this song as loud as I could and drink a ton of champagne and hang out with people (who would later become some of my best adult friendships to date) and cry and cry and cry. This was my go-to song because so much of my sadness could be overpowered by it.

Damn. Anyway. Point is, for at least one night, this song made two people feel like some FATE shit was going down. I think that's pretty powerful.