I just wrote an entire blog entry about how the Walmart by my house hasn't been carrying the oatmeal I prefer, so I looked it up online and saw that it's at another Walmart a few miles south of me, which pleases me. Then I realized I was writing a blog entry about store brand oatmeal that changed me.

EDIT: I was having some SERIOUSLY negs feelings about my life just now, you guys. Like, pretty seriously bad news feelings, and I wrote it all out in another post and I re-read it and I thought to myself “Wow, Karin. You’re really learning about yourself right now. This could be a beautiful thing for you to share with other people.”

And then I thought to myself “Karin, shut the hell up. No one needs to read about your feelings to this extent. Stop being such a loser. You got what you needed to out of this just by writing it.”

And then I edited this post because I wanted you to see that sometimes you don’t have to emotionally shit on your blog to work stuff out. You can just do it on your own like an adult and not have people from your former places of employment and your college ex-boyfriends and friends-who-deleted-you-off-Facebook-as-a-passive-aggressive-statement-but-still-like-to-check-in-on-you read on the Internet that you can't breathe through your nose and you're on your period and got depressed for eleven minutes on November 29th.