Guys. Don't get all upset, but your statements RE: Kim's divorce, spitting on marriage tradition, slapping homosexuals in the face... LOL, DON'T BE STUPID.

Here’s the thing: If so many of us didn’t love / love to hate every minute of Kardashian-fueled entertainment, the televised wedding and the massive paycheck that came along with it wouldn’t have happened.

Every day there are celebrities getting married (cue Zooey Deschanel & Ben Gibbard), fighting and splitting up, and we choose to care or not to care about these stories as they come down the pipeline. For whatever reason, you have decided that the Kardashians are interesting and worthy of your time, and therefore, they are allowed to capitalize on that and throw it back in your faces on a whim. It’s not their fault, it’s yours. All 4.4 million of you.

Please think before you write / reblog some incredibly ignorant and sexist things about someone you don't know.