Christina Aguilera - Come on over

Friday, November 11, 2011

At the age of 12, it did not occur to me how sexual someone had to be to move their body and make faces like this. No wonder errybody was so up in arms about this!

Watching videos from the 90s makes me SO GLAD that YouTube did not exist when I was that age. Yeah, we had the FAMILY CAMCORDER that we regularly used to chronicle our really dumb/hilarious ideas on, but that was for our own narcissistic pleasure. If we had access to YouTube (and trust me, we were plenty literate with the Internet at that age) Corrie and I would have been on milk cartons with our blue army pants and crop tops, dancing in her livingroom to this song like we had ten thousand clues.

Although, I would argue that maybe we shouldn't be going all crazy on the sexuality on TV. Obviously, we were innocent enough to not think we were doing anything bad... or even really deem it "sexual" at the time. It was us just goofing off and hanging out with those hips we just developed overnight. If I had a young girl dancing her plaid pants off to this song, I think I'd probably chill.

We should all chill.