Texts with Mom

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mom: Do u mind if I give Kristin your old college hand mixer? She doesn't have one. Or do u want me to send it to u since it is yours...
Me: She can have it. I didn't even remember having one in college! Who knew.
Mom: Sorry. I just forgot it was in the cupboard til I went to make something & saw it w the other 4 mixers I have. :)
Mom: I guess nobody knew...and even I don't need 5 mixers ...not even at Thanksgiving when I cook for 36 weeks straight! !!
Mom: A
Mom: The a was just a booboo.
Mom: 0:)

All of her smiley faces are really extravagant emoticons, too. Full images of little Android dudes. Emoticons.