new hobbies

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm generally pretty good at picking up instruments. I took a little under two years of piano lessons from age 6 to 8, and was self-taught after that. I played drums and clarinet (first chair) in junior high. When I was 14, I jokingly asked for a guitar for my birthday (and received one). I taught myself how to play and have kept it up ever since.  I briefly learned violin in high school (but to be honest, I could probably only play one scale at this point).

So while it wasn't terribly surprising to me when I picked up my friend's ukulele and instantly was able to hash some things out... I was shocked at how EASY it is to play. It's got to be the easiest instrument in the history of instruments. Are you kidding me? This whole time? I'm already playing like a freakin' genius over here.

Oh. Yeah. Because Darien bought me a ukulele two days after I played one for the first time.

And now I'm a genius ukulelean.

You guys, if you want to feel talented at something regardless of whether or not you are a talented person, get a ukulele. Now I understand why there has been such an influx of ukulele playing on YouTube the past few years. I didn't get it. I was like, why do I want to watch a bunch of strangers play covers of songs that they just make sound Hawaiian? Now I get it. Because it's easy to do. You can make any song sound real good and different. Good and different. That'll be my new tagline on my business cards.

"Karin Haule: Good and Different."

I hope knitting is this easy!!!