Sunday, October 2, 2011

I've been having a lot of weird memory flashbacks the past two days. Like I just remembered this cute kid at Sam's Club yesterday eating an apple in his mom's shopping cart. Too cute. I love when kids eat apples because the apples are so oversized to them and they look like they're eating a human head or something.

And just now I remembered this calculus class I took in college where we were given two math problems for homework and they each took at least 3 pages worth of notes and about 45 minutes to solve (each).

What the shit, college? Why? How is that ever relevant, other than the apparent parallels to real life in that seemingly basic and necessary things often take way more work than they are worth? Why would I waste 45 minutes of my precious life on a math problem?

Our final in that class was multiple choice. And was 3 problems. I couldn't figure out the last one, and almost broke into tears because hey -- you get one problem wrong out of three, you get a D. So I walked up to my professor, fighting back tears, and he said "give option C a closer look."

He gave me the answer.

I spent that entire semester recruiting people in my seating row to sign up for MySpace.

I don't deserve anything good that happens to me.

(I am currently experiencing a self-deprecating hangover.)