feel up your friends, yall!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A technique Corrie and I use while songwriting is to just sing out whatever melody we are thinking of using and singing jibberish at the same time, in place of whatever words we will end up using. I know that sort of ruins the magic for you guys because, no, not everything we sing about is well-thought-out and necessarily meaningful in its conception. But, it's actually a really useful method for us, and even got us our chorus to our song "Lungs" which, despite not being able to record it all the way through, is probably my favorite song of ours. You let yourself loose and ignore what words come out until the end, and usually there is something in there that ends up being meaningful.

Anyway. I was kind of thinking we should have some sort of Michelle Branch pop ballad on our EP and so I started playing around on my (her) keyboard and my (Darien's) acoustic guitar in my (really, my) music room, and after recording some deliciously generic music parts I began singing over what I thought could be the melody.

I was just playing it back to hear if I said anything in there worth mentioning.

Yeah. I did.

"I've been feeling up all my friends but you."

A gem from my subconscious, Internet. I have been feeling up ALL MY FRIENDS, but you.